Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Why I Voted for O

1) Because I believe that God will take care of the nation that takes care of its poor, hungry, forsaken, widowed, neglected, and hopeless citizens.

2) Because, as a Mormon, I believe that a Mormon is no more entitled to revelation regarding the run of this nation than any other honest-hearted and devoted man or woman.

3) Because I believe that civil rights are both civil and right and will always be the most important issue until that great day when the phrase becomes moot.

4) Because I believe my vote counts for someone out there who - for whatever reason - could not present a valid drivers license.

5) Because even though I believe there's a chance Mitt Romney could more deftly handle the economy for the next four years, I also believe that Barack Obama is laying the groundwork for a more verdant, respectful, and respectable America and such an undertaking deserves our commitment for the next two decades.

6) Because thirty years from now, I don't want to have to admit to my much-more-enlightened grandchildren that I stood on the wrong side of gay rights, womens rights, and immigration. We are all in Little Rock this time around.

7) Because after earnestly praying about the decision, it's what felt right to me. That is not to suggest that anyone else should have felt the same way or that I received some universal answer. I am me and you are you and that's the gap that interpretation fills.


Sammy said...

What about the Rush Hour code? It was written if we ever have a Black President, the VP would be Asian, and vice versa. Biden is such a tragedy.

Sammy said...

Pretty sure Psy and McHammer just echoed my latest comment on the AMA's.